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Stop Smoking with Louise Baker

Stop Smoking with Louise Baker

After visiting my doctor on Monday 28th April, and for the hundredth time read the riot act for smoking 60-80 cigarettes a day. Came home once again ashamed & downcast.

I have been stagnating since 30th September 2013 when I lost my job and the very next day my mother died. What better excuse than to smoke, eat & drink myself into oblivion?

Well after 7 months of self loathing & indulgence I decided to look up a hypnotherapist on yell .com to see if there was one near to me.

JACKPOT! It came up with Louise 10 minutes away. I contacted her that day & set up my first meeting (I could have referred to this as an appointment or session) but meeting seems apt. I have met Louise 7 times during the month of May and during that time she has transformed me from a morose, depressed, one woman (very much) on the road to self destruct. To become a much more positive person. After my 3rd visit I have stopped smoking completely, I would be lying if I said I didn’t miss it, but I have let go of the hold it had over me, which is a fantastic relief. I listen to Louise’s recordings on a regular basis, mainly just before bedtime, and feel so relaxed but motivated at the same time, usually have a good night sleep.

Louise had enabled me to accept who I am, and help me come to terms with my darling Mum’s death & losing a job that I loved.

Of course I was very sceptical and I was prepared to lose my costs, but for me personally it’s the best time and money I have ever spent. Louise I believe brought me back from the verge of a nervous breakdown. Well done Louise I am a great fan & will confidently recommend you to my family and friends.

Stop Smoking with Louise Baker Marlow Hypnotherapy

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