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MInd Management With Meditation in Marlow

Marlow Meditation

Louise Baker of Marlow Hypnotherapy is offering a unique series of workshops,  starting with Mindful Meditation Relaxation Techniques. This first  of a series of 6 will introduce you to the theory and practice of mediation techniques, utilising best  practice to  help you  achieve the benefits of a calmer, more focused and happier mind more quickly than  you had ever realised you could.

If you have ever wondered about the answers to  questions like

  • What is meditation?
  • What is altered state ?
  • What is trance ?
  • How does it  help me
  • How do  I do it ?
  • Whats it  all  about ?


This may  be the right place for you to start, on the other hand if you are  looking  for a place to meet regularly to  practice quiet time and to help  your self gain  focus and clarity over issue then this may be for you  too. It  has struck me for a while that there is a lot of things written  about the state of mediation and also a great deal of fuzzy thinking. What  you  will  get in these classes is an opportunity to  learn,  to  practice and to  meet new people.

The Busyness of Being a Marlow-vian

Our beautiful but busy town is full of hardworking, busy people who don’t have much time, but need to make time.It is important to still your mind and focus on the important things in  life.  Being happy is important and learning to consistently chose happiness as a state of mind and a thought  process is possibly one of the most  important things to learn how to do. That process and piece of learning is something that changes the very  structure of your mind. The neuroscientists call  this human ability neuro-plasticity. We can all do it. Remember the Buddhist monk who is the happiest man on earth ?  sSo why not  have a piece of what he’s having.

Practice makes perfect

Practice makes perfect and as explained to centuries of students who  have studied the mind and meditation  techniques and altered states,  this is just  learning how your body works.  This work is approach from a secular view point, there is no single philosophical view point taken in this  set of classes it is about learning  efficient and smart  techniques to calm the mind, gain  perspective and focus on whats important.

Schedule of  Classes

The Spring/ Summer schedule is currently being worked out,  class sizes are  limited to  10 and accommodated at the Marlow Hypnotherapy Centre,  close to the High Street  but  far enough to be away  from the hustle and noise of the high  street with  the benefit of ample free parking.  Classes will be held during the day on  Wednesday.  A business persons session  will be held during the lunchtime hours  and the Mindful Mums sessions after the school run but before lunchtime.  Midweek is perfect as it is a great time to  recharge the batteries to maintain energy throughout the week. Saturday mornings  (Saturday  Serenity)  will be held twice a month and those session will be 2 hours each.

Anyone can come, no previous experience needed,  a chance to  enjoy time and all the infinite space of your inner mind.

More Information

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Mindful Marlow Meditations
Mind Management with Louise Baker and Marlow Hypnotherapy


Louise Baker
Clinical Hypnotherapist, Trainer of Hypnotherapy NLP Master Practitioner Louise Baker is co–founder of Marlow Hypnotherapy and Advanced Hypnotherapy Training Ltd she is now committed to creating and bringing wider awareness of the benefits of hypnosis, hypnotherapy, Coaching and EFT to the community of Marlow, the Thames Valley and Chilterns. Louise has worked in Harley Street and currently also has a clinic at the prestigious Wren Clinic in the City of London. As Consultant Clinical Hypnotherapy to Brainstrust a leading UK brain cancer charity and is determined to increase the contribution that Hypnotherapy can bring in terms of help and support to carers and those having been diagnosed and learning to live with the implications of their condition.

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