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Hypnobirthing to be used by Kate Middleton ?


Kate Middleton planning to use hypnobirthing in

labour – what is it?

As it’s reported that the Duchess of Cambridge will use Hypnotherapy when she has the royal baby, we reveal what it is and if it actually works as a pain relief method

Louise Baker Senior Hypnotherapist  at  Marlow Hypnotherapy explains that ” the body can create natural relief form the discomfort of birth , that isn’t in  questionas on the NHS there are currently operations taking place without anaesthetic and that’s not theory. During Hypnobirthing classes Mums are taught how to enter deeply relaxed states so deep that with the aid of  their breath, suggestion and visualisation they are able to create new responses to their birthing experience.  Classes take place either privately or in very small groups as this is a skill that  can  be learnt for a great experience both  mum and birthing partner are taught how to go into hypnosis, how to deal with medical staff around them and how to listen to instructions but not the programming language of pain and discomfort. I have had many clients give birth using this process and now train other hypnotherapists to use it “

Louise Baker
Clinical Hypnotherapist, Trainer of Hypnotherapy NLP Master Practitioner Louise Baker is co–founder of Marlow Hypnotherapy and Advanced Hypnotherapy Training Ltd she is now committed to creating and bringing wider awareness of the benefits of hypnosis, hypnotherapy, Coaching and EFT to the community of Marlow, the Thames Valley and Chilterns. Louise has worked in Harley Street and currently also has a clinic at the prestigious Wren Clinic in the City of London. As Consultant Clinical Hypnotherapy to Brainstrust a leading UK brain cancer charity and is determined to increase the contribution that Hypnotherapy can bring in terms of help and support to carers and those having been diagnosed and learning to live with the implications of their condition.

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