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May 2013

Hypnobirthing to be used by Kate Middleton ?

  Kate Middleton planning to use hypnobirthing in labour – what is it? As it’s reported that the Duchess of Cambridge will use Hypnotherapy when she has the royal baby, we reveal what it is and if it actually works as a pain relief method Louise Baker Senior Hypnotherapist  at  Marlow Hypnotherapy explains that ” the body can create natural relief form the discomfort of birth , that isn’t in  questio
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Hypnotherapy now available through brainstrust to help tackle anxiety and stress in brain tumour patients

Complementary therapies have long been identified as an important contributor to wellbeing in brain tumour patients and carers. They are a gentle, natural treatment and we are delighted to be able to expand our resource to encompass hypnotherapy. There is plenty of evidence that hypnotherapy helps people with cancer and those who care for them. Hypnotherapy can be used alongside conventional medical treatments and fo
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Nigella Lawson’s 2 Stone Weight Loss

On top of exercise and portion control the celebrity chef has been undergoing regular hypnosis sessions with Susan Hepburn who counts Lily Allen as a client. Domestic Goddess Nigella Lawson forgot to mention a key ingredient when revealing the secret of how she lost over two stone in weight – large helpings of hypnosis. The self-taught cook, who has sold three million cookbooks, put her impressive weight loss down to
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Marlow Hypnotherapy Launches

Marlow Hypnotherapy  is now up  and running.  Located at the Marlow Clinic in  Crown  Lane,  Marlow
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