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The Stop Smoking Centre,  Weight Loss and Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis Centre,  The Blissful Birth Hypnobirthing Centre , Phobia Fixes. 

Solutions That Work For You 

Marlow Hypnotherapy and  solutions for  the  stuff of life :  Using proven approaches from Psychology,  Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, CBT, Hypnosis, Time Line Therapies,  EFT and  NLP Coaching  my aim is to help you feel better, reduce uncomfortable feelings for those that want to change and are decided to do something  in  The Thames Valley and surrounding areas. for clients  just like you That all sounds a bit grand but it is heartfelt and genuine. Suffering comes in all forms and can be helped .

The Marlow Hypnotherapy Clinic  is located  in a quiet, tranquil oasis close to Marlow Town centre, the river Thames and Marlow Lock .  Sessions are held in a beautifully appointed room, in  a quiet private location where discretion and privacy are guaranteed. There is off street parking available to clients and a discreet waiting facility. Sometimes when time and programme allows  walking and talking using conversational change techniques with clients learning the art of state management in the sunshine, by the river or in the park.

Experience Counts

With experience of working in Harley Street and the Wren Clinic in the City the aim is to bring a unique and personalised experience to all clients locally without the need to travel into London. Your Hypnotherapist Louise Baker has been working in this field for many years and has wealth of professional and practical experience to help you bring about the changes that you want to make. Appointments last between an hour and an an hour and a half and you can find out more information about what to expect in a session on the page with frequently asked questions.

Personalised Programmes

Many clients take programmes as this allows time to incorporate lifelong learnings and processes that can safeguard against issues returning, many like to join in on workshops and annual programmes. This is all about helping you lead a happier, healthier  calmer and more fulfilled life.  Returning clients who want some time out, a refresher or just to be cared for away from the hustle and bustle of their normal lives receive supportive discounts.


Marlow is easily accessed by road, convenient to the M40 and M4.  Clients travelling from London can travel directly to Marlow or High Wycombe. Arrangements can be made to meet clients at  local  stations. Many clients travel out form London to work with Mrs Baker on specific issues or challenges they are facing.



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